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Essential CTA Elements

CTA stands for call-to-action. Your CTA is part of the story you are telling through your brand’s marketing strategy. In marketing, your CTAs tell your target audience what you want them to do once they click and can help a business drive a range of different actions depending on the content’s goal.

Here are some essential elements that make for a powerful CTA:

a. NOW It’s right in the name... calls-to-action need something to push your audience from undecided to wanting to convert. Including a word like “now” gives a sense of urgency.

b. SAVE Not only does the word “save” give your audience a taste of FOMO but it signals to them that they’ll be saving money if they click.

c. NUMBERS Make your discount a little more tangible by including the % off or $ saved. For example, use “Save 15% Now” instead of just “Save Now”.

d. TRY No pressure. The word “try” is a great way to invite people to take that next step with low-commitment.

e. FREE Who doesn’t love free stuff?! Including the word “free” tells your audience that there’s no downside or monetary commitment to clicking.

f. START/STOP Using words like “start” and “stop” help bring in that emotional element your CTA is craving. Think CTAs like “Start Saving Now” or “Stop Missing Out”.

g. MAKE IT PERSONAL Adding a simple pronoun like Me/My/You/Your can be that final touch on your CTA that gives your audience a more emotional connection with your button.

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