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Karsyn Robb

Digital Marketing Specialist

Helping businesses be found online

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About me

I'm originally from a small ski town in Utah, but a few cities, degrees, and flights later, I ended up in London.  

My marketing journey began in 2013 when I started interning for various record labels in Nashville, TN. What I found was that during each internship I was constantly gravitating toward marketing roles. So it was an easy decision to add a BBA in Marketing as my second major.


In the time since graduating, I've worked as a Social Media and Digital Marketing expert managing campaigns for doctors, fashion boutiques, sculptors, designers, jewelry stores, dentists, musicians, and nonprofits to name a few.


I also completed my MSc in Digital Marketing with my dissertation focusing on the use of SEO by PR agencies, which was published in Strategy, Leadership, and AI in the Cyber Ecosystem.






"Karsyn has the secret sauce of personal and professional traits that make a success in marketing. She is exceptionally driven ("Driven" - her 1 word to describe herself in our first interview), highly intelligent, and always creative. Her attention to detail while managing over 3000 client-facing deliverables each month helped make our team a shining success.

She will instantly earn your respect with her work ethic and dedication, and she will not settle for second best or letting things fall through the cracks. She takes initiative to improve processes without being asked - a dream for any Manager.

Add her smile and caring personality, and she will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on you from your very first meeting. I feel lucky to have had Karsyn on my team and she undoubtedly helped us move the needle forward."

—  Jen D, Team Lead at Advice Media



"Karsyn and I started at Made Tech together and I could not have asked for a more professional, dedicated and positive person to work alongside. She is thorough, precise and executes projects with a level of efficiency that any organisation would be lucky to work with.

Karsyn is a great mentor and works fabulously as a collaborator and in taking initiative on whatever project she is assigned to. With plenty of fresh and thoughtful ideas, she has always been a key and constructive member of our team.

As well as taking time and attention to teaching others she is also an avid learner, frequently taking the time to ask questions and understand processes even beyond her remit. Working with Karsyn has been nothing short of a joy."

—  Jack H, Events Executive at Made Tech


"Karsyn has worked for us part-time for 2 years. She was our Digital Marketing Manager and was responsible for the running of our website and all social media. She has done a wonderful job for us and we will be very sorry to see her leave.​

Karsyn is punctual, hardworking, organised, thorough and dedicated. There is no task she has been asked to do which she has not accomplished. Our website has grown under her care and she will be hard shoes to fill. We wish Karsyn every success in the future."

—  Retail Client


"It is my pleasure to recommend Karsyn Robb for any position that she is pursuing with your organization. She has worked with us as a Graphic Design Artist for our singer, Steven Ybarra, in the artist promotions division of Pacific Records. 

Karsyn was fast and efficient, with excellent written and verbal communication skills.  She completed each task assigned and quickly exceeded all of our expectations. Her skills and knowledge fit in well with the graphic arts world, and social media as well as mainstream industry avenues. I have absolutely no doubt that Karsyn would be an invaluable asset to the company or organization fortunate enough to have her."

—  Wendy Q, Marketing Manager at Pacific Records



"I am writing this letter in support of Karsyn Robb, a former Regional Manager who worked under me during her time at Hit Records Worldwide. I have known Karsyn for the past year and a half and she has always proved to be motivated and ambitious.

During her time at Hit Records, Karsyn caught the eye of our CEO and quickly rose from Intern, to Student Artist, to Regional Manager. As a successful manager, Karsyn oversaw new interns and ensured each intern completed their assigned tasks in a timely and professional manner. Karsyn illustrated strong leadership skills and the ability to adapt and grow with any position she was given."

—  Erica H, VP at HRW Music Group

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