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Directory Marketing For Driving Website Traffic

Directory marketing can be the low-cost marketing solution to drive potential customers to your website. By listing in online directories, you can both improve your search engine ranking and reach audiences who are browsing in that index or directory. Most importantly, they can be an easy way of increasing sales.

Here are a few basics of directory marketing:


Costs of listing in many directories such as or Yelp can be low or even free in the case of many local index-based directories.

Ratings and Reviews:

Directories that allow users to write ratings and reviews not only enable help your company's SEO but provide a more social place for customers to share their experiences.

Writing Your Listing:

Include as much information as possible about your business and be as clear as possible about your unique selling point and what problem you can solve for your customers.

Track Web Traffic:

Make sure to monitor how effective your listings are by tracking traffic from directories in your analytics.

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