Email Marketing

Email marketing is an essential marketing toolkit which is particularly effective in building brand loyalty and trust.

Email is currently seeing a huge resurgence in popularity, and no wonder, email marketing brings in £44 for every £1 spent. It’s fast, it’s cheap, and it’s highly effective – in short, it’s hard to see why you wouldn’t want to do it.


  • 1.

    Advise and set up email list building strategies

  • 2.

    Segment current email list(s)

  • 3.

    Create and manage email campaigns

  • 4.

    Analytics and reporting of email performance


Download my 'How To' guide to email marketing .

This includes a step-by-step process to building an email list, 50 email subject lines (a cheat-sheet to get your emails opened), and 10 email templates!

A successful email marketing campaign is nothing without a well-informed email marketing strategy. Gone is the day of blanket, mass send outs. Data must now inform each email campaign to ensure it’s reaching the right audience, with the right content at the right time of the day.


This is where I can help! 

Whether it be researching and defining your email strategy or designing creative email templates.

The most effective campaigns are those sent to people who are already interested in your brand. If you need to build your subscriber list up, there are a wealth of ways to do it organically!



  • Marketing on LinkedIn helps you engage a community of professionals.

  • Blogging is a great way to demonstrate your expertise in

    your industry...

  • From regular maintenance to proactive upgrades and improvements, my management services give you peace of mind.

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